Monday, September 24, 2007

Tai Tai (太太)

Yes, I’m a tai tai (太太) simply because I’m married.

I’m not a high maintenance tai tai who can afford the time and money for high-tea, spa, saloon, shopping, etc…

I’m just taking a break… so give me a break!

I’m not career minded but I’ve worked hard especially in the first 6 to 7 years of my working life. It was work satisfaction that I was working for, rewards were secondary but slowly I got confused than enlightened and now acceptance.

I’m trying to find my path, my calling (I’m not religious). I’m searching for the environment that I can be comfortable in and be fairly rewarded. Perhaps I’m facing my mid-life crisis now.

Many of my friends say a job is simply a job; it’s the pay that will make the difference. Anything else doesn’t matter.

Is that so? Can money still make a difference once we have fulfilled our materialistic desires? Perhaps bigger desires… property and more property?

Let’s all target to live like a King till age 100 and beyond after retirement at age 55!

One ex-colleague told me that he LOVES his job. Bull shit! You wouldn’t have threatened to resign unless the boss gives you a promotion if you had really loved the job. Besides, most of the time you are not working… you are simply taking credit by ‘delegating’… ah… no wonder he loves his job.

Enough said. It takes two hands to clap. To me, it’s not the job, it’s not the pay. It’s the people you work with that make the difference.

A friend relating to an article told me this: Ask yourself, would you resign once you strike millions in TOTO or 4D? If you had said no or you would take a break before coming back to work, you genuinely loved your job. If you had said yes, you have always wanted to leave, just waiting for that opportunity.

I’m not trying to be noble nor unrealistic. My point is we have to work for life, unless I really strike lottery or inherit tons of gold from someone that willed his fortune to me by mistake; I want a happy life... happy soul, happy mind.

I’ve thought over it and decided on a path. This is a career that I’ve never think highly off but I’ve decided to give it a shot. I hope the knowledge and experience gained along the way will be priceless even if this doesn’t work out well.

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