Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Amazing Race 12

I got a chance to watch the amazing race yesterday and was rather annoyed by some of the characters.

Number 1 – Ronald
This successful father only knows how to condemn others and thinks highly of himself. Worst of all, he doesn’t know how to shut up. He should just keep his opinion to himself. The daughter must have regretted so much for entering the game with him. I hope she dun kill him half way thru the game… I know I would.

Number 2 – Nicolas
A coward who thinks he is very smart. He wasted time observing how other teams cross a muddy river using a pole to swing them over but let his age old grandfather who had to strip down to his underpants to do the task instead.

Number 3 – Rachel & TK
TK can’t tie a knot. Rachel seems to know but was only willing to contribute by instructing.

Number 3 – Kynt & Vyxsin
The dating Goths… well, they are more entertaining than annoying at the moment.

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