Thursday, November 22, 2007

Jap @ NYP Koufu

This Japanese food stall (think its call Sumo) at NYP Koufu (口福) always attracts a queue.

I had katsu-don (chicken cutlet with egg) on Monday and saw quite a number of students bought the round hot plate omelet set so I decided to try that on Wednesday. The katsu-don was ok, nothing great.

It’s actually Kaki Tamago or simply prawn, chicken or oyster omelet hot plate but its damn good. The omelet is perfectly fried till fragrant, slightly crispy on the outside and juicy soft on the inside. A light sweet sauce poured over it to complete the taste.

Huimin had the Salmon in Lemon Sauce set. It tasted weird. Don’t think salmon goes well with lemon sauce.

We also tried Shishamo (fried pregnant fish). It’s not as fat as those served in restaurants but they tasted great.

Kaki Tamago (Prawn) Set @ $3.50.
- It’s basically omelet with the choice of prawn, chicken or oyster.

Salmon in Lemon Sauce Set @ $3.50.
Shishamo (fried pregnant fish) @ $2.

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