Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Birthday Boy @ Everest Kitchen

Surprisingly James took leave on the day he showed everyone his birthday suit, hanged upside down, got smacked on the butt for being quiet and cried for the first time, some 30 odd years ago.

First stop, we went to Everest Kitchen at Macpherson Rd for lunch.

The owner of this Nepalese & North Indian cuisine restaurant is actually the husband of an ex-colleague.

Well, too bad she was not around when we went.

We ordered:
1. Momo – Traditional Himalayan dumplings with minced chicken. Served steamed or fried. Vegetarian available.
2. Kukhura Makhani – Chicken marinated with spices and coated with thick, creamy gravy.
3. Garlic Naan

The momo was supposed to be the starter but it became dessert as it was served much later probably cos it takes longer to deep fry.

Momo tasted great but it’s nothing special cos it’s no different from the Chinese dumpling. I prefer the steamed version that I had in Nepal.

The Kukhura Makhani was fantastic. It’s full of flavor and not too spicy. The naan goes well with it.

We would definitely come back for its other dishes since we have a direct bus from our place to this not so convenient area.

For woman who likes adventurous sports, check out the Singapore Women’s Everest Team. Support them by purchasing one of their limited edition 2008 Calendars @ $25, showcasing pictures from their past expeditions.


Papanum & dip - complimentary.

Kukhura Makhani & Garlic Naan

1 piece of garlic naan cut into 3 @ $2.

Kukhura Makhani @ $8.

'Gold' cutlery.

Momo, 8 pieces @ $6.

We have a few hours to spare before I go for my class so we ended up at Marine Parade.

Parkway Centre

X'mas decor.

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