Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Smoke “Free” Paradise

No, I’ve not invented a pill capsule that will release smoke like substance when taken and has the same effect / kick of actual puffing from the stick.

Someone should create an astronaut helmet/head gear look-alike device that will keep the smoke & cigarette within it… of cos including the head.

Smoking is not a natural act and studies have shown that breathing secondhand-smoke causes morbidity and mortality from cancer, heart disease, and respiratory disease, as well as acute sensory irritation. It causes the premature death of hundreds of thousands of nonsmokers worldwide.

Air around us is free… at least for the time being.

While I can understand that it’s extremely difficult for smokers to quit smoking, nonsmokers should have the right to breathe smoke-free air.

In order to achieve a win-win situation, smokers shall have to use this device so that they can continue to enjoy the freedom of sucking tobacco any time any where (even air-con, indoor places).

Nonsmokers can enjoy the free air without having to hold their breath, detour or overtake the smoker in front. Also, nonsmokers will not be labeled as being rude for frantically fanning away the smoke when smokers blow smoke into their faces.

Not to worry about the design of this device cos I believe with the advance technology and innovative fashion designers, the device will definitely blow your mind away. This state of the art accessory will be so sexy that even nonsmokers will want to wear it.

I’m thinking it should be a necklace like light chain or lanyard that smokers can hang over their neck. When the urge to smoke is here, simply release the compacted transparent non-combustible material hidden in the chain; and pull in over the head and snap it on the chain at the back of the neck.

There should also be a cigarette holding piece inside so that smokers can rest the stick when their hands are tired from holding it.

Smoke puffed out & ash will be neutralized by the wonderful device before smokers retract the transparent material back into the chain. Consumers can also choose their after smoke perfume that will be released.

A simpler version would be …

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