Friday, November 9, 2007

Training By LTA? Suntec

While being stuck in the horrible traffic towards Suntec, I spotted a lamppost sprouted in the middle of what once used to be road.

I think more greens or walking space will take over this now defunct section of the road but shouldn’t the road be paved before planting the lamppost?

Hmm… unless LTA plans to train motorist’ to negotiate the ‘mini’ bend round the lamppost island so that trees can be saved and not face the fate of being chopped off to make way for future roads.

I still find the saga of spending $200,000 to create a diversion at Braddell road to save the 80+ year old Angsana Tree and later taking it down due to road safety reason absurd.

I mean, there were already a speed limit imposed complete with signs and warnings, why are there still many motorists unable to keep to their lanes?

The tree on the tree lane is like human on the pedestrian.

LTA should seriously look into ‘removing’ all humans from the roadside walkway so that motorist can continue to ignore the speed limit and no ‘near accident’ situations would ever occur.

LTA & The LampStalk.

New section & shops in Suntec.

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