Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Paying Respect to GIL

Last Sunday morning we were at Mt. Vernon with my FIL to pay respect to my grandparents-in-law.

This is my 2nd time performing this yearly routine and I’m using my camera phone to take pictures secretly cos I don’t want my FIL to think he has a weird DIL.

Good thing that FIL has no interest in reading blogs or blogging… yet.

This huge piece of greenery at Woodleigh MRT station (not in operation) between Serangoon and Potong Pasir MRT station is a paradise for joggers, pet walkers, nature lovers and probably also the Gurkhas at Mount Vernon Camp, also known as the Gurkha Cantonment.

No picture was taken cos FIL was walking very fast and I had to keep up.

Mt. Vernon funeral parlor is still in operation but the area is going to be developed in the near future hence cremation and placing the urns is no longer available.

The plan to relocate the Columbarium has not been decided but several urns have already been relocated by their next-of-kin.

After walking for 10 mins, we reached the block and located the unit.

FIL first pays respect to土地公 (The Earth God) before praying to my GIL, inviting them home for lunch than burn hell notes.

Back home, MIL is busy cooking lunch.

A small praying alter was set up. It’s really considered small cos we dun have a table full of chicken, duck, assortment of fruits, etc…

FIL lead the family to pay respect. The rest followed according to our status.

Than we proceed downstairs to burn more hell notes. I know I’m a culprit in killing Gaia but I would be killing myself if I stage a protest against it.

FIL asked for an empty oil bucket from the goreng pisang stall (think that was what he told me last year) to be used as the burning bin. He hacked opened the top and puncture some holes at the side for air to go in.

Millions of dollars… hell notes was burnt.

We went up for lunch and later FIL went down to remove the burnt bin and place it at the rubbish chute area cos there were no cleaners on Sunday.

It was a tiring day… although I didn’t do much.

Paying respect to GIL

Paying respect to 土地公

Praying Alter

Preparing the burning bin



More money...

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