Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Munchy Munchy… Tsk Tsk Tsk…

Birthday boy bought Munchy Donuts to wrap-up ‘James Born’ day.

Birthday boy told me to look at the Munchy’s plastic bag when I reached home and was eyeing on the donuts.

One of the handle was near breaking. Apparently the whole batch of plastic bags was like that cos the staff couldn’t find a good one to replace.

I didn’t ask for a plastic bag the previous time since I was going to eat it there and then.

James commented that it’s wastage and environmentally unfriendly to be using huge plastic bags to carry the box of donuts. I totally agree.

While packaging is crucial in product marketing, it is also important that manufacturers & product providers be sensitive and takes note of the global conservation effort.

Plastic bags are not necessary if they just change the design slightly to include handle on the box.

Something like these...

Power Pop & Much Me

Much Me

Power Pop

Choz B’nana Volcano

Barely hanging on to each other.

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