Monday, November 12, 2007


Lazy Saturday…

We need not visit my parent’s place so we have the whole day to ourselves doing nothing.

I cooked vegetable curry before we went to Hougang Mall to borrow some VCDs and had ya kun for breakfast.

We watched Die Hard 4.0, The Queen and 茶舞.

Die Hard 4.0 was really DIE HARD… die die hard to die. Although Maggie Q died a horrible death, she remained pretty with no scratches or bruises after the entire fighting, explosion and whatever. But the story line about some hackers trying to rule the world or humiliate the US govt was good.

茶舞 was a crap. Not worth mentioning.

I loved The Queen. It observes how Queen Elizabeth reacts and was unable to comprehend to the nation & world’s response to Princess Diana’s death.

Than at night, I lost my ez-link card.

Breakfast @ Ya Kun.

Veg Curry.
- Long Beans
- Cabbage
- Tau Pok

Fried Prawn Roll & 五香 made by MIL.

Bak gua - BBQ minced pork slice.

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