Friday, November 9, 2007

Corporate Image

I wonder if SMRT regulates that staff especially those in uniform maintain a certain corporate image.

For example,
- no vulgar language
- shirt must be tucked in
- hair must be neat & proper
- not occupy seats in crowded trains
- etc…

This particular SMRT personnel that was traveling with me towards HarbourFront was seating comfortably (later he shifted to this seat in the picture) admiring standing passengers around him and what puts me off is his punk hairstyle.

He was definitely on duty at that time cos he was carrying the trademark huge haversack and walkie talkie. Shouldn’t he be patrolling?

His carefully sculptured hair was highlighted blonde at the tips of the crown and at the tail that was way over the collar.

He looked like an over aged punk that got stuck in his 80s hairstyle.

If not for the uniform that he was wearing, I would think he was a potential trouble maker and not a train officer who has been 'trained to respond effectively to an emergency in the MRT system'.

Well, if SMRT has no such rules & regulations stipulated for their staff than its perfectly ok.

In my previous previous workplace which is not a small scale unlisted company, guys with pony tails, highlighted hair were not uncommon and ladies wear sexy spaghetti strap top and ultra mini skirt.

I think any organization should maintain a positive healthy corporate image unless of cos it’s intentional.

As much as I hate to admit, people judge a person by their looks. If the person that represents the company looks crappy, it’s not going to reflect well on the company.

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