Monday, November 12, 2007

Yomeishu 養命酒

James bought a bottle of Yomeishu ($39.64) from NTUC.

Nope, he doesn’t have poor appetite, weakness after disease, weak constitution or gastro enteric weakness.

Probably it’s his unhealthy working lifestyle that contributes to the weaker body. He often feels cold esp at night and poor me can’t switch on the fan.

It’s impossible to grow any fats on him unlike me… so; I hope some tonic will help.

When I was staying with my parents, I used to take a small cup every morning before leaving for work. I dun feel energized by it, in fact it doesn’t seems to have any effect on me but I remembered once I took it at night and was kept awake the whole night.

On the other hand, my parents take it at night for a good night sleep.

Apparently, different people of different body conditions.

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