Sunday, November 25, 2007

Munchy Donut Invade Hougang

Munchy Donut is here!

This little tentage outside Hougang Mall used to be selling fried chicken wings (never bother to take note of the name); eating a freshly fried one would be as difficult as striking TOTO.

Munchy @ Hougang needs to get their business on track fast. I was there around on Saturday, 1pm and the supply of donut was limited. There were no labels or tags to introduce the donuts and staff were not familiar with the operation.

Lucky for them, Hougangers are not that crazy over the round, floury, assorted flavours donuts yet.

Let’s see if there will be queues forming soon.

Choz O’Cream @ $1.20.
- Chocolate spread over butter cream custard.

Munch Me @ $1
- Honey glazed.

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