Thursday, November 15, 2007


I’ve just changed the soil for my hoya plant.

Apparently the soil at the base was moldy from the water trapped at the vacuum (there is a gap between the base of the pot and the soil) and I did not remove the plug to release the water. Since the plant was not exposed to sunlight, the water was not evaporated which was the intention for this flower pot.

I bought this heart shaped leave hoya plant from Far East Florist at Queensway,Ridout Tea Garden more than 5 years ago for $5+. It has beautified my office desk since until I left the Company a year ago.

I decided to give them a bigger house and repotted them into this bungalow pot.

It was a single plant and it grew so tall that I had to snipped it up and let them grow horizontally.

They secrete milk like sticky substance when cut.

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