Tuesday, November 13, 2007

United Kingdom in 1997

University of Wales, Bangor.

My room.

My board full of sketches by Robin.

An uphill climb up to hostel from campus.

First weekend, drove to Manchester in the rented van.

Figuring out where were we in Manchester.

Real live models in the various shops.

Computer shop.

Plants/Flower Shop.

Furniture shop... Robin to the rescue!

At the campus with Chong Chin & Mak.

Some of the churches tinted glass windows.

A Little Chapel.


The boys.

Xiaoyun's room. The day before leaving Bangor for London.

Waiting for our train to arrive.

Madame Tussauds
Princess Diana (a royal outcast) left in a corner.

Changing the Guards at Buckingham Palace.

Tower Bridge.

Opposite Harrods with Chong Chin & Robin.

Singapore Embassy, London with Edwin.

SegaWorld, London with Chong Chin & Robin.

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