Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Auntie's Day Out

Aunty Tang, the one person that I least expected to leave the Company will be joining a bigger organization next week… with a much bigger pay check. Who won’t be? 80% of the old timers there are under paid unless of cos you join the ‘fake people’ or ‘threaten to resign’ club. But the latter depends greatly on how fake you are. Fakers shall rule!

We met up at PS for tea. I can’t help but notice that she's carrying the real LeSportsac! It’s $200+! Aiya, I almost wanted to carry my 199 baht made in Thailand Lesportsac. Who would have noticed that it’s a fake beside the real thing?

Aunty Tang wanted to buy the ‘I’m NOT A Plastic bag’ and we went to that AMK shop that sells A Grade imitations. The shop lady gave us an in-depth analysis of the details, various colour & quality of those cheap fake versus the original and her A Grade imitations.

Now I know that the original comes only in crème canvas, squarish, wordings are either stitched or patched with various colours, the sides are slightly tapered and not bring together by buttons; so that there is no ugly white flaps sticking out, it’s an open bag meaning there is no zipper or buttons, there is a butterfly shaped logo with A and H printed in each loop, the word ‘Anya Hindmarch London’ and ‘we are what we do’ are printed in small font on the inner sides near the bag opening, the handle is made of good quality thick robe supported by stainless steel rings and its to help raise funds for some charity… in Singapore, think its for breast cancer society.

The shop lady showed us her lavender patched wordings version which she says cost $50+ and is no longer available. I must say it’s quite pretty. Aunty bought the one with grey colour stitched on wordings at $29 and a Lesportsac umbrella! They even have Lesportsac purse at $9.90. Too bad, I didn’t manage to steal a photo of them.

Side tracking… I realized that I’m also using an ‘I’m NOT A Plastic bag’! I think mine is better cos there is no maintenance required, its only $5 and much bigger. I’ve been using it for my grocery shopping and I must say the NTUC and Shop n Save aunties were quite impressed.

We stopped by Mos Burger for a drink before taking a bus to my house. Oh, there is so much to catch up on! Time passes so quickly especially good times. Aunty Tang left around 8.30pm.

Aunty Tang, I wish you all the best! Hope we can keep in touch and find time to catch up just like yesterday.

A Grade imitations.
Top left - grey stitched on wordings @ $29.
Top right - lavender stitched on wordings @ $39.

MY 'I'm NOT A Plastic bag'.

I added the ribbon on the handle.

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Fun said...

That was quite an adventure! Best of all, i got my BAG! Thanks to u! Catching up was fun, we should do this more often. Maybe next time should organize baking sessions at your place :) - Aunty Tang