Monday, October 15, 2007

The measure of a man

A man must be responsible for all his doings especially his words. What comes out of that mouth of a pea brain good for nothing man will or have had caused harm to innocent people directly or indirectly.

‘800 cutovers’ has done it again. He likes to portray himself as a gentleman, a great Casanova, a philanderer. He has been targeting at new pretty colleagues, asking them out for lunch, sending messages calling them darling, dear, baby, sweet heart…

No married man of a decent correct mind would do that to another female especially those that are already married.

One of the female colleagues had a hard time explaining to her husband as to why she have messages from another man and calling her names that only a boyfriend or husband would call.

And he was not embarrassed to tell them that there are girls going after him. I think he still thinks his wife was that naïve stupid girl who got cheated by his fake façade. But than again, birds of a feather flock together. Maybe Mrs ‘800 cutovers’ is also having her fair share of fun.

As a married woman, I pity his wife. Such behavior is not any different from actual cheating.

‘800 cutovers’ has been silence about his recent promotion. But being humble is not one of the characteristics of a faker… what happened?

Well… simply because he had already ‘promoted’ himself years back when he was just a nobody in the company. I bet he introduces his fake rank first before mentioning his name to his clubbing friends.

Fake people have pea brain. Or perhaps all their brain power are focused on how and what to show off next, remembering what was the lie that was told to ‘A’ versus ‘B’ and how to get that idiot to do this piece of shitty work for them.

Friends have other friends. Words spread and shortly we all knew of his self proclaimed title in the company. This has been on going even until months before he finally got promoted.

Since he has always been that ‘somebody’ in the company, he can’t celebrate his promotion to that ‘somebody’. The only reward was the official name card of his ‘new’ title that he immediately asked the admin to print. How pathetic.

Ego is a crime. Fame is a badge of shame.

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