Monday, October 22, 2007

Crazy Ang Mo

We were crazy to visit the Crazy Ang Mo immediately after reading their food review on the Straits Times.

There was already a queue and that CAM was taking a beer break.

CAM: “… I knew this was going to happen…”
Customer: “… did you call them (ST)?…”
CAM: “… I didn’t call them! They called me!”
CAM: “… They came to eat and later called me asking for an interview…”
CAM: “… We’ll be moving to there (pointing to another stall) which is much bigger and we’ll have a big cage at the back to house the fridge…”
CAM (talking to a fellow SAM): “Want a beer mate?”

The Chinese girl who took our order speaks with an Australian accent. She asked if we were ok with the minimum 1 hour waiting time before proceeding to take our orders. Our queue no was 91 and we have about 20 people ahead of us.

Finding a seat was a challenge in this coffeeshop - Hawkerway (好口味). Usually you get to choose which table you want… but not today!

There were also more SAMs than usual. Suddenly the residents of Bishan got to see tens of SAMs within a few hours, more than what they will see in a year.

A balloon sculptor suddenly appeared out of no where amusing the kids. In less than ½ hr, he was gone.

After about 1½ hr of agonizing wait, our food was ready. The Crazy Burger With The Lot was very different from the one in the picture featured in ST. The burger bun was replaced by untoasted Gardenia bread, the fried egg was badly fried and there weren’t sufficient vegetables.

The Fish & Chips was ok although I believe it could have been better given more time and preparation.

Why didn’t we stop along the way to have Botak Jones again…

Overall, the food was still very delightful. I believe it will be better the next time we visit CAM again when the craze is over.

Breakfast from the nearby market.

The Crazy Ang Mo!

We waited for 1½ hours.

The birds are also waiting...

A lot of SAMs came to support this CAM.

Fish (Battered) & Chips @ $6.50.

Crazy Burger With The Lot @ $7.90.

It was so damn good or we were too hungry?

A Prawn Fishing place next to the golf course.

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