Monday, October 1, 2007

Specialist Dip in Hospitality and Resort Mgmt

Last Friday I signed up for Specialist Diploma in Hospitality and Resort Management course. If I’m accepted, I’ll be attending lessons twice weekly from Nov 07 to Aug 08.

Apparently this course has such an overwhelming response that they might consider opening up more classes; according to the nice admin lady.

During the application process, I was rather disturbed by their process.

Applicants must first fill up and submit an online application form. The institute will acknowledge the application and issue a course code upon receipt.

Applicants must then print out the completed online application form and mail it (i.e. snail mail!) together with supporting documents to the institute. No signatories required. Supporting documents consists of copies of NRIC and certificates.

In this paperless era, why are we still handling hardcopies? What puzzles me was the truncated process. It seems to me as though the course application automation exercise stop short of allowing applicants to upload their copies of NRIC and certificates.

Assuming I can still apply online on the closing date, I got panicked when I realized that I had to mail my documents to the institute. The documents can never reach them in time unless I take a trip down and hand delivers it.

Being lazy and dun want to be ruled by stupidity, I decided to call them. Strangely, both the lecturer and the admin lady that I spoke to asked me to fax my applications over. Well, I have a scanner, not a fax.

I had to repeat a couple of times asking if they accept my application if I sent all required docs in softcopy via email. I think this was perhaps the first time anyone has asked such a question. Well, the only difference I see was that they have to waste a couple of A4 papers to print. Ok ok, please add the cost to my course fee.

Fortunately, the admin lady was willing to process for me and even took the effort to call me back to acknowledge receipt of my email and also informed me that my application has been successfully registered.

I wonder when I will know if I’m selected.

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hmm said...

hello there. i know its some years back you took this specialist you think you could share some exp with me?