Saturday, October 6, 2007

Second Interview - No Hope

My second interview with the brother was not promising.

I wasn’t expecting him to ask ‘standard’ interview questions given the fact that his boss had already interviewed me and the purpose of this meeting was for him to elaborate more on the role, etc… and also if he liked my face.

All the time flipping through my resume, bro asked the following questions:
“Tell me what have you been doing?”
“What have XXX (his boss) told you about the role?”
“What do you see yourself in the next few months or years with the organization?”
“Tell me what are your strength and the area you feel you need improvement on?”

Last question:
“Why XXX (the company)?”

The last question was ultimate. What do you expect? You think your company so great that it has always been my desire to be part of it? Come on, you join not because they paid you good money meh?

The reason for me was very simple. Agency called, there is a job opportunity and I’m looking for a job so, I came for the interview. How complicated can this get? But of cos, I didn't tell him that lah.

Anyway, bro showed no indication whether I will get the job or not. Being secretive, ambiguous, indirect has always been the characteristics of bros.

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