Friday, October 5, 2007

Stupidest day of my life ... complete with good food!

It’s the stupidest day of my life! I have no words to describe my stupidity… it’s a bad start to the day.

I need to reach Alexandra at 10am. The night before, James had already told me to take the NE line, transfer to Queenstown MRT and take bus 195 but I wanted to avoid the crowd at the MRT interchange so I asked Huimin for alternate routes.

She told me to take the NE line to Harbour Front Stn and take bus 93 or 100. Straightforward and easy, I like. So, being the ‘careful’ and ‘not want to be late’ person, I checked on the bus 93 route and left 1½ hours before the appointment.

When I exit from the Harbour Front exit towards the interchange, I saw a bus stop and decided to wait for 93 there. Doesn’t make sense for me to walk all the way to the interchange when the bus will turn out to this bus stop rite? Well, I assumed all bus from the interchange will pass by this bus stop… dun ask me where I got that assumption.

So I happily sat at the bus stop waiting for 93. Bus 100 came but I insisted waiting for 93 simply because I knew exactly how many stops I will pass before alighting at my stop.

After 10 minutes of waiting and witnessing several buses passing through, I became suspicious and suspected that I did something boo boo again. I checked the bus numbers plate and indeed there was no bus 93.

Only 15 mins left before my appointment, I decided to take a cab. But before I could flag down a cab, bus 100 came! Oh… so lucky!

On board of bus 100, I saw the famous rou gu cha stall opposite the railway station, even pass Shenton Way… I slowly realized something was not right. I remembered ever taken bus 100 to Queensway shopping centre at the bus stop near BestWay building and it’s at the opposite direction.

The bus turned towards Raffles Place. I panicked. I alighted at Fullerton Hotel. Sigh, I was officially late! I took a cab which cost me $7.10 and to complete the bad morning episode, my phone rang while interchange money with the cab driver.

I answered the call thinking it must be important. It’s from a stupid insurance company calling me to promote a product. Anyway, while I was on the phone and keeping my money, all my cards and coins fell out in the cab! I scrambled to pick my stuff and still managed to ask the lady to call me back at a convenient time.

I’m still amazed by my stupidity… maybe it was fated for me to be late.

I had lunch with Audrey at Hong Kong Street Zhen Ji. The lady was rather rude or should I say she is damn ya ya!

Audrey (all the time smiling): “隔壁桌在吃的是设么?”
Lady (expressionless): “马来炒面”
Me (also smiling): “会很辣吗?”
Lady (expressionless): “可以叫他少辣”
Audrey (still smiling): “我要辣”
Lady (standing corpse): “…….”
Me (testing her limit): “可以炒少辣,把辣椒放旁边吗?”
Lady (face muscle all dead): “你们这样他很难做…”
Audrey & Me: “Ok lor…”

Well, the fried noodle turns out to be very good. Plenty of ingredients and the seafood were fresh. We also ordered Har-jiong Kai (Prawn Paste Chicken) which was crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.

I went to VivoCity in the evening to hang around before meeting Huimin and I bumped into Gu Jie. She is happily married and also taking a break from work. We chatted for quite a while before I left to meet Huimin at the MRT.

I had dinner with Huimin and KC at Xiao Xuan Feng (小旋风).

We ordered the Nutritious Herbal Chicken La Mian, Green beancurd skin side dish and Xiao Long Bao. The La Mian was made on the spot and the rest of the food was good.

Malay style fried seafood noodle.

Har-jiong Kai (Prawn Paste Chicken).

Xiao Xuan Feng - Nutritious Herbal Chicken La Mian.

Xiao Xuan Feng - Xiao Long Bao.

Xiao Xuan Feng - Green beancurd skin.

Xiao Xuan Feng - Kungfu Chilli Chicken.

Xiao Xuan Feng - 13 Aunt's Chilli Prawns.

Making La Mian.

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