Monday, October 22, 2007

Another Unlucky Day

I met up with Huimin who was on leave and we went to Little India.

We cut through an open area next to the Hindu Temple where lots of pigeons were gathered there pecking on a Chinese Steamed Cake(发糕).

Pigeons… bad omen.

Out of a sudden, these bimbos (fat chest with pea brains) decided to take off and flew over us.

I felt something hot on the back of my left arm when Huimin scrambled pass me trying to run away from the bitches… I mean pigeons. I couldn’t figure out what was on Huimin that made my arms hot so I stretched my right hand to feel my arm… Bimbo shit!

Why can’t bimbos keep their ass tight while flying? They think everyone likes their shit?

Lucky for me, this stupid bimbo got to go for more aiming lessons. It didn’t hit on my white blouse.

We were on our way to have Sin Hoe Hin Dark Sauce Wanton Mee at Rowell Road and I washed my arm and hands at the coffee house.

To be continued...

Olden days kopi house.

Air well in the middle of the kopi house.

Delicious Muffin at Sunshine Plaza.

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