Sunday, October 7, 2007


My parents came over after their daily morning exercise routine at MacRitchie Reservoir, Treetop Walk. My nephews won’t be visiting them today. We had breakfast downstairs and they left at noon.

Towards late afternoon, James cooked dinner and used up all the gas. Called Union and they delivered a new cylinder ($25) in less than ½ hr.

The rest of the day was spent sleeping. The weather was so hot and I haven’t been sleeping well cos I was up late studying for my M5 paper exam on Monday. As for James, he is always busy at work and hardly have chance to catch a good sleep.

We went to town centre for dinner around 10pm. We ordered the popular Pontian Wanton Noodle. They ran out of char siew and replaced it with more wantons. The fried wanton was good but the noodles were not as tasty as the other outlet at Bishan.

Hang around our neighborhood park before heading back home.

Porridge with mixed veg and chai por, topped with fried minced pork wrapped with beancurd skin.

Pan fried pork chop coated with mixture of flour and egg.

Stir fry veg, mixed veg with ginger and garlic.

Pontian Wanton Noodles stall.

Pontian Wanton Noodles with no char siew.

Another popular stall.

At our Neighborhood Park.

Decor for the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Flock of birds will gather at the trees in the middle of the road in front of Hougang Plaza every day around evening time. It’s quite a sight to see them cluttering among the trees and the noise they produce is startling. At around 11pm, many of them can still be seen and heard.

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