Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Tai Tai's Day Out

Met Gu Jie at Bugis Food Junction for lunch with Mogu, Kiwi and KL.

It’s been a while since I last came to Bugis Junction and was shocked to find Food Junction at Level 3 now. The décor is very classy but the choice of food is rather limited.

The girls talked about the changes and happenings in the office after some of us left. Mogu was also trying hard to interrogate Gu Jie who without our knowledge got registered in Jan and even held customary wedding recently. No tell tale signs of a married woman at all.

Can’t blame Gu Jie lah. She has been with the company for slightly more than 10 years and rumors spread like wildfire there. If you want your privacy, you got to be really extra careful.

Anyway, congratulations to Gu Jie! Wish you and Mr Kermit have a blissed life.

So much to catch up but there is too little time. The girls need to get back to work except for the two tai tai…

Gu Jie and I shopped around Bugis Junction before heading to City Hall for tea. We passed by Ah Teng’s Bakery at Raffles Hotel and bumped into an ex-colleague which I do not know.

Man (speaking to Gu Jie): “… how are you?... your sister? (pointing at me)”
Me: “do we look alike?”
Gu Jie: “No lah…”
Man (testing my limits): “look alike leh… or… dun tell me is your mother?”… hahaha… kidding only ah…”
Me: “……”

I must admit that Gu Jie who is about 5 years older than me; doesn’t look her age. She looks like she is in her late twenties to early thirties. I may look mature BUT not that old to have such a big daughter lor!!! He should count himself lucky that I dun recall his face already.

We ended up at Café Cartel at City Hall. We shared a slice of cake, Gu Jie had iced lemon tea and I earl grey tea.

We parted around 5pm. Tai Tai must avoid the after hour crowd and most importantly reach home with enough time to cook dinner.

I stopped by EC House for a hair cut. Again the hairstylist was amazed by my thick hair and I think the amount of hair contributed by me alone is more than what they have collected in the whole day.

Food Junction at Bugis.

Ayam Penyet Set @ $5.

Japanese Set.

Grilled Chicken Set.

Cafe Cartel Menu.

Aunt Amy Chewy Fudge Cake @ $4.65.

Cafe Cartel.

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