Thursday, October 25, 2007

TV Licence Advice

James received a mailer from MDA asking if he has a TV set installed in the property… I don’t mind if they are going to us one.

MDA is informing us that as of 18/10/2007, there is no TV Licence issued to our property.

Shocked! We committed a crime! We have been cheating on the government, watching free "free-on-air" TV programmes for almost a year!

Can’t recall what went wrong but we happily assumed it was automatically deducted together with the property tax. At least that was what they did with my soho’s TV licence i.e. after first applying at the post office.

We have to pay a prorated amount of $21.01 for the rest of year.

In the meantime, I shall have to fake ignorant and tell every stranger who come knocking on the door… “… wat u wan? I dono… Sir no in…”

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