Monday, October 1, 2007

Childhood Memories

I passed by my primary school again. It brings back fond memories. After all, those days were my happiest schooling days.

Looking at my alma mater, I realized that she may be the last surviving 60s-70s traditional school left. She has a ‘U’ shaped building with the principle’s office in the middle of the structure on the second floor, dental clinic on the ground floor, assembly area facing the building, 2 flag poles & a mini stage, a covered drive through area supported by multiple poles, bookshop at the back, a standalone library, a scenic path leading to the tuck-shop with a stage, a huge field, a guard house at the gate, and a standalone house at the back of the school next to the back gate where the family of the guard lives.

She is now one of MOE’s offices and my primary school has since merged with several other primary schools and relocated to another site.

I remember being a prefect, a member of the girls’ brigade and was awarded the most pleasant student and got a story book as present. I was on the stage once to deliver a speech but I was too soft even with the microphone that nobody at the back could hear me… except for ‘Welcome…’ and ‘Thank you!’

The stalls at the tuck-shop have wires barrier with an opening where we pay and receive our food to gorge on the long wooden benches and metal sheets covered tables.

How I wish I can enter the premise again to rememorate my primary school days.

Back my parent’s place and I saw my nephews playing with my ‘magic’ ruler. This ‘The Ugly Duckling’ ruler is at least 20 years old. I remember my dad bought it together with the 24 color pencils set which I’m still keeping till today.

My primary school - Stage & Tuck-shop.

My primary school. Also path leading to my kindergarten.

My 'magic' ruler.

24 Colour Pencils.

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